About El Tenedor

Food & wine, Inspired in Spanish Basque, Southern France and Catalan Cuisines with Canadian Terroir

We are an eclectic boutique restaurant serving inspired Spanish and Southern French cuisines, rooted in the Basque and Catalans regions from northern Spain.

A cozy supper club with soft background music perfect for dining and conversation.

We offer a Dinner Menu Consisting of starters, 4 course Tasting and a la Carte Menu, based on local ingredients, seasonality and proximity with an option for wine pairing. The seating time is about an hour to hour and a half with first seating starting at 6 pm.


Sustainability, terroir, flavour-first, ORGANIC

We Believe In Seasonality, The Local Character From Locally Sourced Ingredients, Zero Waste (The Ugly Vegetables That Didn't Make It To The Markets Are Very Tasty Too). What We Do With The Product Is As Important As What Products We Use; As Well As A “Nose-to-tail” And "Leaf-to-roots" Sensibility.

We Choose To Go Organic Because It Is Worth It.