Good Food/ Good Wine, Sustainability, Terroir, Flavour-first, Organic

  • Our flavours from our roots (Spanish - Latin), our cooking from anywhere

  • Seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Zero Waste

  • We choose to go Organic because it is worth it

  • We Choose To Go Organic Because It Is Worth It.


The Cook

Cesar, San Sebastian 2018

Cesar, San Sebastian 2018

Cesar is a cook with a software, IT and Finance previous life. Definitely a disciple of the Basque and Catalan gastronomy through trainings in San Sebastian and Barcelona. Cesar has an obsession for food, modernist cuisine and the properties and the possibilities of the products. He believes food is a canvas to be creative and technique is just a medium to achieve the end, which is good food (there is only two types of food: the one that tastes good and the one that tastes bad).

Born in Venezuela and with Spanish roots, Cesar uses his familiarity with Spanish flavours as part of a menu of dishes inspired by food from everywhere.